"Since moving to Chicago, I have yet to find a resale clothing company that even comes close to Trader K's. Most of my wardrobe is from there, and every time I receive compliments on my outfit, I get nostalgic for Trader K's!

This place has a huge selection of items, a wide variety of styles, great atmosphere, and a charming/wonderful staff that works hard to keep up with the large amounts of garbage bags filled with clothes, toys, and accessories. The employees there are always helpful and efficient amidst the chaos of busy 'buying hours.'

If you're trying to clean out your closet, or if you're simply trying to find something new to wear out for a weekend, trading in your clothes will allow you to come home a new outfit or two. Some of my favorite wardrobe staples are from TK's (silk scarves, Birkenstock sandals, summer dresses, and simple cardigans...) Can't say enough great things about this place! We need you here in the Midwest!"

-Gina G. Chicago, IL

"I think that everything I own has come from this store.  Thank God for college students with ever-changing wardrobes - they keep this shop well supplied with great clothing that is often in perfect condition.  Everything is well sorted (by size and style - not by color - why does the Salvation Army sort by color?), clean, and priced to sell.  Holly C is right about how picky they are - sometimes it makes me mad because all I can think is, 'But I bought this here!' But it makes for a better selection and especially if you're selling for store credit, it's not a bad deal.  There are specific hours for selling and limits on how much you can bring in, so it's good to call ahead to get the details.

I also have this weird love of their staff.  It's always busy and chaotic in there - and everyone just always seems to be on the ball and working hard.  I just appreciate it.  And I like their new location - for some reason I move through it much more efficiently than I ever did when they were over by Sammy's."

-Lola B. Spencer, NY

 "Trader K's is wonderful. Some great buys for all shapes and sizes. I want to talk, though, about their formal wear, which is accessible in the basement. You need to ask to go to that area of the store and they will take a form of ID prior to going down there but it's well worth it. Formal wear galore from prom and evening dresses to a complete room of wedding dresses. Terrific shoes as well. We spent two hours down there and bought a semi formal dress, an exquisite, entirely beaded evening dress and a pair of shoes (all new) for less than $80. And, to beat that--we had tons to choose from. So whether you are buying for yourself, or for a daughter (like I was) the choices are rich without having to go to every prom emporium in the area and without having to rob a bank to look good. Thank goodness for fashion conscious college students to supply Trader K's with such a wealth of wonderful things."

 -Q. C. Trumansburg, NY



Just sold here for the first time and had a great experience! The buyer was able to look at my things immediately and I was happy with the amount of money I got l.  When reselling, I never know which of my things will sell, but it's always worth a try!!

Hallie M.

Got a nice formal shirt with the manufacturer's tag still on it, a tie, dress pants, and casual shorts for less than $35. Will be back for more!

David Gouldthorpe