Starting Sept 1, 2019 we will start buying Men's & Women's Fall/Winter Please call for details.

We pay cash on the spot for all items accepted! We pay out 40% in cash or 55% in trade of what we will sell your items for in the store. The amount we pay is based on condition, style, brand, and demand. We reserve the right to refuse items based on these factors, as well as past experience and current inventory levels.

Payouts of over $45 will be written in a check

Clothing must be in good condition (no rips or stains) and in a current style (bought new within the past 1-2 years).

Clothing must come in freshly laundered (no pet hair, unpleasant odors, etc.)

Please bring bags or boxes full of clothing. No hangers, please.

We do not give an itemized list of what we took and for how much. If you have a couple of items you want to know the specific price of, please let us know beforehand.

No appointment is necessary. Come in during the buying hours, and expect a 15-20 minute wait. 

Due to the high volume of clothing bought, we reserve the right to change what we buy on a daily or weekly basis. Please call first to see what season and what type of inventory we are buying (607)272-4011.